Saturday, December 06, 2008

Half full -- or Half Empty?

The pervasive bad news spinning through the media right now is really astounding: the continuing drops in the stock market, declining retail profits, the dying automotive industry, increasing foreclosures, layoffs, hiring freezes, unemployment (or underemployment). It has really snowballed over the last few months. The reiteration I continually hear is that we are facing times worse than any faced by generations born after the Great Depression.

The gloomy outlook all might be true, but my argument is: Does it really help to dwell on everything that is wrong, when arguably, there still are things positive or things that we can be thankful for? Am I the only one who is thankful to see gas prices drop to lower prices than seen in five years? But there is more to see, and I am becoming more convinced that the way to get beyond whatever these times continue to bring us is to dwell on what is still good, while also continually seeking ways that each of us can contribute to make things better.

I recently came upon a few sites that help convey this message and have been useful to me in maintaining a sense of optimism that I genuinely believe helps one thrive. And so I now gladly share them with you:

Now might be a challenging time for many, but I believe that we must not despair when facing difficulties. Instead persevere and keep an open mind to possibility. Easier said than done, but survival itself is much easier for those who can manage to keep their cups half full no matter what they are going through.

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