Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fortunate Future

Today's headline in business news is that MasterCard has reported increased profits. I look at that report and think two things. The first thing I think is how foolish of me not to see that report coming with the latest economic trends being a slumping housing market, and the recession word being dropped with increased frequency. As an investor, would it not make sense to see the profit in an increased reliance on credit debt??

Then I think how cynical this first thought really is. In order for there to be a winner, there must be a loser. If I had been one of those bright individuals that invested in MasterCard, in essence, I would be profiting off of people who are struggling to make ends meet. I would be profiting off of that guy that lost his job, and because he had a subprime loan, is now about to lose his home. Do I really want to be that savvy as an investor?? The idealist in me insists that I can do better. Much better. Still, it is good that instead of dwelling on the negativity of our present economy. I have noticed an opportunity.

Opportunity often abounds on the other side of misfortune. The majority of us are being impacted by rising oil prices. Yet, those fortunate to be working for oil companies are actually benefitting from each increase.

I remember my mom had a sticker from popular theologian Robert Schulller with a simple bit of optimistic advice: "Turn Your Scars into Stars." We all have a chance to move to a half-full perspective or environment--even in the most bleak circumstances.