Sunday, April 20, 2008

It’s never too late to be who you might have been

The title of this entry is a quote from novelist George Elliot, which I discovered from a recent ChangeThis manifesto from David Rendall.

As a counselor, much of my advice is enriched by the many mistakes I have made in the past. Those mistakes have made me more knowledgeable, keen, and empathic in my work, so arguably all of my career mishaps are ultimately good things.

Perhaps you are down on yourself for not selecting the right career or not changing careers earlier when a transition might have been easier to make, or that you did not focus your time at work to acquire the skills necessary to make your next move. This kind of thinking will not get you anywhere. Instead, learn from your experience, and seek out unique opportunities where your experience is beneficial rather than detrimental. It's easier said than done, but once accomplished, I assure you the hindsight will be 20:20, and you will be amazed at how good things turned out.

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