Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Whole New Opportunity

Of the many career writers I (try to) follow, Daniel Pink has become one of my favorites. I first became aware of Mr. Pink when he was the keynote speaker at a career conference I attended a few years ago. And once I read his book, A Whole New Mind, I was hooked.

I now follow his blog, and his Twitter. Mr. Pink is creative, resourceful, and witty. And he will forever hold the distinction of writing the first career book in MANGA.

Now we will all have a chance to explore the mind of Daniel Pink. On Friday June 6, at 9 AM (PST), he is going to host a teleconversation on Learn from My Life.

I will be hard at work at that time, but for the rest of you fortunate enough to have a free moment, register and enjoy!

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