Saturday, August 02, 2008

Rage Against the Machine

The PSFK blog recently posted a startling story about a phenomenon called "IT Rage." Their source story from Pocket Lint reports that nearly three quarters of respondents had hurled an electronic gadget in a fit of rage. Though my wife might tell you that I have had issues with anger management, I can never remember harming anything--including my computer or other gadgets. It is amusing though that my fellow blogger The Undercover Lawyer has been posting You Tube content of people going crazy on their office equipment at work for his podcast on hostile workplaces.

The truth of the matter is that all of us find ourselves in stressful situations where our angry impulses can make us behave in unflattering ways. But aside from anger management, there is much to be said about how some good career advice or career development knowledge can help prevent such embarrassing blowups. The most abusive people in the workplace are also commonly the most miserable. If they were happy about their work, they would not have such anger to pass on to their subordinates or fellow workers (or computers).

If you perceive that you are constantly stressed out at work, you might ask yourself if there is an environment that would allow you to thrive. Why spend the majority of your life being miserable? Especially when that misery might be putting your fellow workers and office equipment at risk. If you do not know what it is that would make you happy--go find yourself a good career professional and begin a path toward greater joy and fulfillment.

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